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Axe Athletics

South Eugene High School


Axe Athletics

South Eugene High School

Axe Athletics

South Eugene High School

Athletic Registration

Online Registration Instructions for 2017-2018 OSAA Athletic Programs

Please register for any sport you may participate in for the school year

Fall: Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer

Winter: Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming

Spring: Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, Girls Golf

Participation fees for the upcoming year are as follows:

$200     Football, Volleyball, Soccer,

            Basketball, Wrestling 



$150     Cross Country, Swimming, Track/Field, Tennis

There is no fee for any athlete who is participating in a third sport during a school year and there is a $600 maximum per family.  All sport registration fees for the 2017-18 school year can be paid at the SEHS Finance Office after July 1, 2017.


Create/Update your account

Click on ATS Athlete Portal


Returning SE Athletes

     Use the Athlete ID and Password from previous registrations (contact Joni at if you need help with this step.) After you log in, proceed to step 3.

New SE Athletes – Follow the steps below

          Athlete ID: NEW

          Password: NEW

          Database: atseugene4j


Yellow colored items are required to be filled out


  1. Select Organization - South Eugene

  2. Select Sports

    Select First (Fall) Sport – please select the PROGRAM, not the individual team       Select Second (Winter) Sport – please select the PROGRAM, not the individual team                                                                                                                            Select Third (Spring) Sport – please select the PROGRAM, not the individual team

  3. Fill out/Update “General” Tab - Please enter the same first and last name that you used to enroll in school


  4. Fill out/Update “Insurance” tab


  5. Fill out/Update “Contacts” tab


  6. Click “Save Athlete Information

  7. Additional emergency contacts may now be added in the “Contacts” tab


  8. Fill out/Update “Medical History” tab – please answer all questions


  9. Read the Registration Packet in the “eFiles” tab

  10. In the “Forms” tab, select the down arrow for Form Name and choose Registration Packet.Select “New”.Answer the questions, and sign name, type name and click “Sign” (both athlete and parent must sign.) Click “Save”.

  11. When you get the “Save Complete” message, you are done with the online portion and may Log Out

Complete the Process

Turn in your current physical to the athletic department, if necessary

Pay appropriate fees with Finance Office

ImPACT baseline testing will be coordinated through the head coach and the SE Athletic Trainer (Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, and Pole Vaulters are REQUIRED to have baseline tests done every 2 years)  Baseline testing will start the week of August 7th, 2017
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